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My Smart4talent

My Smart4talent

Smart4talent is a recruitment and training company focused on searching and creating a pure breed of professionals. With expert services, we search and place best talents across all the important creative industries within a three-state area. We offer temporary, permanent as well as contract based recruiting, RPO and team shared outsourcing services among others. Our mission is to attend the client’s and the job seekers necessities with care and promote qualified talent worldwide and become leader in quality recruitment services. We at Smart4talent, provide recruitment services to clients in India and across the world through our expert, quality services.

Our unique services
  • We have many years of expertise in various domains ranging from Education, media and advertising to telecommunication, BPO and several others.
  • We help thousands of people each day to find jobs across the world without our huge network of clients.
  • Our services include process training and product training, as well as professional training and certification among others.
  • We also offer loans, product training cards and other services. We offer process training with application and approval of the processes.

Our services for job seekers include free career consultation, to understand their dreams and expectations, we develop professional skills for the job seeker, develop a proper professional resume with our resume writing services and give advice and counseling on personality development and prepare job seeker for interviews. Our services for recruiters include job and resume sharing services along with joint contract and time-sharing outsourcing.

Career guidance and training

The training and development aspect of the services are based on the recruitment criteria of client’s and we offer the services to fresher and professionals from different fields. Our services ensure quality and productivity of the job seekers. Our highly acclaimed training and development services include personality development through confidence building, talent building, grooming and communication, as well as presentation skills.

  • Our specialized services include soft skill training, customer services, problem solving skills, selling and stress management skills.
  • We prepare candidates for the interviews and group discussions and help them to build a right attitude with self presentation and leadership skills.
  • We also offer interpersonal skill development services with importance on problem solving techniques.
  • We work to better the candidate’s business communication and time management skills and also offer field training to enhance a candidate’s talents with problem solving techniques, present-ability and smartness.
Excellence in recruitment

We provide excellent recruitment for highly trained and experienced professionals in senior level, Middle or Junior Level. We specialize is in understanding a company’s needs, and provide candidates with related work experience and skills to cater to the recruiter’s needs. We work to provide recruitment for responsible candidates with respect to a vacancy and the needs of the company. In todays highly competitive market the requirement for skilled, experienced and hardworking professionals is met with acclaimed services to give job seekers an edge over others in this rat race.

We are driven by innovation and devotion to fulfill the employment needs of our country and our dedicated and specific services are the hallmark Smart4talent as we strive to create a better world for employers and job seekers all around the country and the world.